Uganda Traditional Tour

Alongside THETA (an NGO that focuses on collaborative communication between traditional health practitioners and medical doctors), you will have the opportunity to visit three traditional health practitioners: an herbalist, a spiritualist, and a traditional birth attendant. Each will explain to you what he does and how it works, and will give you a demonstration. A THETA employee will accompany you to each location and will teach you about traditional medicine in Uganda and its relationship with modern hospitals and doctors.


Over 70% of Ugandans still visit traditional health practitioners, and there are tens of thousands of healers in the country. Traditional medicine is a holistic concept that places individuals in relationship to other men, to nature, and to the Universe. Sickness is seen as an imbalance caused by lack of harmony (and is not a physiological or biological malfunctioning). Traditional medicine is often preferred in Uganda, as they provide cultural approaches, are more accessible, and far more affordable than medical doctors. The three most common types of traditional health practitioners are 1) Herbalists: using ingredients from nature to cure diseases; 2) spiritualists: calling upon spirits to heal; and 3) traditional birth attendants.

Price: $50 per person

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