The batwa pygmies.

Cultural experience has various meaning depending for instance it can be used say relating with the ideas ,customs ,social behavior,values in the society.Most tourist rarely engage in cultural experience in Uganda yet it’s an amazing experience and one directly participates in the activities. Almost every region of Uganda has cultural points in the north region, central, western region and eastern region.

The major places visited for cultural experiences are the batwa pygmies in Bwindi impenetrable national park who are formerly known as the first people of the forest. They were great hunters who used to feed on leaves for the betterment of life;the batwa cultural experience that has always made the gorilla safari complete and satisfying.The Karamojong is also one unique tribe that has with rare dressing culture,  feeding on fresh animal blood, dances.

During your cultural experience you not only experience the hospitable and joyful behaviors of the Ugandan people but also reaching out to different local communities catch up on how they prepare the local food, dances, plantations, African craft making.The cultural experiences on your safari will bring you closer to the unique historical places , lifestyle,food,languages. Having chosen to do cultural activities you will surely desire to be born from Uganda hence being called a Ugandan locally pronounced as ‘munauganda” because everything about cultures of Uganda is not worthy to be missed.  Apart from the two common tribes visited the batwa and karamonjogo there also others places like;

Nakayima tree-The great tree shrine is located in Mubende district westwards of Kampala ,for past years 10 the place is known to be a dwelling place for semi-gods .Different tribes are recorded to come seeking for deliverance and healing from their chronic diseases.

Sezibwa Falls-As your go through Mukono district before you reach Jinja source drop off to Sezibwa falls in Buikwe district. It’s believed that the river was just given birth by two people a man whose name was Nsubuga Sebwale and a woman was called Nakkungu Tebatusa.In this place people gather to worship and sing spiritual songs to the gods of Sezibwa .Many have testified about the answers and miracles there.

Entanda cultural centre-The area is located in Mityana district west of Kampala. This centre was started by five people who wanted to teach the young boys and girls to prepare for marriage and to stop illegal hunting of wildlife so they multiply. Numerous cultural experiences engaged in the traditional welcoming songs, traditional drumming, private sex educational talks as your guided by the woman locally called the senga and the gentle man called the Kojja.

Uganda Marty’s Namugongo Shrine.

This is a Christian shrine a place where 38 young Christians lost their lives when they refuse to denounce  Christianity faith .Every 3rd June thousands of people come to gather and worship in remembrance of the martyrs.If you want accompany your  wildlife and gorilla safari with a cultural experience in Uganda we can organize you the best cultural experience.