The Uganda wildlife authority together with the government of Uganda has played a great role in the past few years to preserve and protect the unique mountain gorillas. Many tourists prefer gorilla tracking to gorilla habituation.


Uganda Wildlife Authority

During the gorilla experiences, the Uganda Wildlife Authority guides provide their skills and knowledge to guide you. In the gorilla tracking the guides will lead you to where the gorillas were seen the previous day. Habituation is also another memorable moment were you spend more time with the gorillas as you feed, interact with them.


Gorilla tracking permit for  $ 700

On the 6th August 2019, the Uganda Wildlife Authority spread the news to the Uganda Tour operators and visitors of Uganda about the new set fee of gorilla tracking permit from $600 to $700 starting on 1st July 2020 hence the only difference of $100.


Gorilla tracking Rwanda permits $1,500

Uganda has still maintained an alow rate of permits compared to Rwanda permits which are at USD $1,500. The Uganda Gorilla permit per has been increased by $100 only hence the price remains flexible for gorilla lovers.


Why increase the Uganda Gorilla permit?

The Uganda Wildlife and the conservationist have great reasons why there was an increase in the tracking gorilla permit. There are many reasons why the gorilla permit was increased for example due to the rapid increase of the gorillas there is a need for a sustainable program that requires money to keep it running hence increase the permit from 600$ -700$. The gorilla permit increment will help the Uganda Wildlife Authority to have better gorilla tracking services at Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park Uganda.


How to book a gorilla permit in Uganda?

Booking a gorilla permit can be done through the local tour operators or Uganda Wildlife Authority can guide you on how to book the gorilla permit for example which the gorilla family you will be tracking, according to your fitness level and interest. For more information, you can visit the Uganda Wildlife Authority office, Kira Road, Kampala or call +256 (0)414 355 409/410 or email: It should be noted that from next year 1st July a gorilla permit will be increased from 600 -700 and to be fully paid and booked before 3 months tracking date.

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