Kisenyi Tour Excursion in Uganda

Kisenyi Tour Excursion

Your Visit:

Alongside the Slum Aid Project (an NGO that focuses on improving the lives of families, children, and women in Kampala’s slums), you will have the opportunity to walk through the Kisenyi slum. A Slum Aid Community Volunteer will escort you through the Slum, and you will see what life is like: living conditions, sanitation, employment, etc. In addition, you will pass through the Owino Market (the largest market in East Africa). Throughout the visit, the Slum Aid Community Volunteer will tell you about the Slum Aid Project, show you some of its contributions, and explain what the organization is doing to improve life in the slums.

Background Information:

Slums are quite common throughout Uganda, and specifically, within Kampala. Within these slums, there is poor sanitation, low literacy, high unemployment, high rates of sexual abuse, and high HIV rates. Slums exist throughout the developing world, and governments struggle to improve the living conditions of the slums’ residents. As a result, NGO contributions are critical to the livelihoods of many slum residents.

PRICE: $30 per person

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