Murchison falls national park has many stunning activities including game viewing,  air balloon, birding, chimpanzee tracking in budongo and nature walk but the boat cruise stands out. Murchison lies in the northwest of Uganda surely one of the most overwhelming parks among other parks in Uganda. Murchison was named after its famous great waterfalls  that have boosted the boat cruise experience and  attracted  many tourists hearts in Uganda

Life on the boat in Murchison falls national park is a forever unforgettable experience. There you will vividly spot different wildlife feeding beside the Nile. The boat cruise package has numerous expectations that are only fulfilled when one personally reaches out to the falls.

During the boat cruise experience, you will have the real feel of a fresh breath emerging from the majestic waters of the River Nile; that will navigate you through the glassy view of the magnificent school of hippos swimming in the water , birds, and elephants feeding beside the Nile.

After the 3hrs boat experience drop out for hiking at top of the falls as you are guided by the Uganda Wildlife Authority Guides. Here you will have a supernatural view of the whole world of Murchison a falls national park.

You can always make bookings through the local tour operators and the Uganda Wildlife Authority . All boats in Murchison falls national park have an affordable price for all boat lovers; there’s surely a variety of exclusive boats you can choose from for instance the Uganda Wildlife Authority Boat, wild frontiers, Paraa boat, Kabalenga  boat. The boats have different hours of departure depending. It is always advisable to book earlier and yet a great advantage to book through a tour operator for easier and safer arrangements. Uganda Tour operators are reliable to organize you the unforgettable boat experience in Murchison falls national Park.For more information click here

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