Uganda Grassroot Expedition

Uganda Grassroot Expedition

On this visit, you will have the opportunity to visit 2 grassroots initiatives (out of 3 options) located in Kampala. The first is the Katende Harambe Rural-Urban Training Center in Namugongo – an agricultural center designed to accelerate wealth through sustainable integrated farming. The second initiative is the Kawempe Youth Center, an NGO that focuses on education and literacy among Kampala’s Youth. The third initiative is the Kinawataka Woman’s Initiative, an NGO that supports Kampala’s women by encouraging them to open small businesses. An expert in Ugandan grassroots development will accompany you to each initiative and teach you about grassroots development in Kampala and in Uganda.

Background Information:

Although poverty is high in Uganda, many small initiatives (often label as grassroots) have been formed as a means to bring people out of poverty. These initiatives lay in a variety of realms (self help groups, micro-finance institutions, NGOs, entrepreneurship, and more). These initiatives exist throughout the country, and are designed for impoverished communities to develop holistically.

PRICE:  $45 Per person

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