Uganda Refugee Tour

Uganda Refugee Tour


Alongside YARID (an NGO that focuses on education in Kampala’s refugee community), you will have the opportunity to visit a refugee community center located in the neighborhood of Nsambya. At the community center, refugees from numerous countries in East Africa will tell you why they left their native countries, how they arrived in Uganda, what life is like here, and whether they plan on repatriating. In addition, a member of YARID will give you a general explanation about refugee life in Kampala and what YARID is doing to assist the refugee communities.


Uganda has one of the largest refugee communities in the world, with over 150 thousand located in the country (mainly Somalians, Congolese, Rwandese, Burundian, and Sudanese). Although many of these refugees are located in refugee camps throughout the country, a large percentage of the refugee population (both official and unofficial) have made their way to Kampala. Many of these refugees struggle mightily to succeed in Uganda, as language barriers, ethnic barriers, and many other barriers stand in the way of development. There is great poverty and malnutrition among the refugee community, and the refugee communities do not find nearly as much support as they require.

PRICE: $35 Per person

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