The Uganda Wildlife Authority together with Uganda tour operators are delighted and excited to hear about the expanding gorilla troop. The baby was born from the oldest gorilla group in Bwindi impenetrable National park called Mubare group.

Peter Mbwebwe the Warden in Bwindi impenetrable national park said “We celebrate a newborn in Mubare group. Mother Businza and baby are all doing well.

Special thanks to the Uganda Wildlife Authority for the efforts of protecting and sustaining Uganda gorillas which has improved the high status of gorillas.


A group of 20 gorillas migrate from Rwanda Uganda from the gorilla family called Hirwa family. This was confirmed by the Uganda wildlife Authority executive and photographer that the gorillas have been in Uganda for now few weeks.

The program’s revenue is shared 50-50 between Rwanda and Uganda when gorillas are tracked across either border. The paradox is the disparity in the cost of permits between the 2 countries. Rwanda’s permits cost $1,500 compared to Uganda’s at $600. The 2 countries had originally harmonized their pricing before Rwanda reneged.

The Mountain Gorillas move freely between the borders of Rwanda Uganda as well as DR. Congo in what is known as Virunga. Virunga is surrounded by three volcanoes mount. Muhabura, mount.sabinyo,mount Gahinga.

Mgahinga is significant for endangered golden monkey’s well as Batwas pygmies. The Batwa pygmies are known to be people who originated from the forest and depended on wild plants for food. Batwa experience would also make your gorilla safari complete.


Gorilla Permits for both Bwindi and Mgahinga can only be purchased from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWAs) headquarters in Kampala, either directly or through a tour agent.

Booking 2019-2020 Gorilla Permits directly through UWA; To book your 2019 gorilla tracking permit (from out of Uganda) you first have to contact UWAs reservation office by email inquiring about availability of the dates you intend to track the gorillas. Note that you need to consider a full day of travel from Kampala to Bwindi after you have landed in Kampala. If the exact dates you want are unavailable, you can request UWA to let you know of the nearest dates.

You then reply to them expressing your intent to book those permits, and requesting them to temporarily hold them as you make payment. At this time, they will advise you of their banking details, so that you can proceed to make an electronic transfer of the money. Please remember to immediately send a copy of the transaction voucher/ receipt by email or fax to UWA.

The transfer should usually take not more than 3 days and UWA will keep your tentative booking for at least 7 days as they await the transfer to go through. Please ensure that you instruct your bank to deduct the bank charges from you. Otherwise, if the money sent is less, your permit may not be booked.

To book 2019-2020 gorilla tracking permits in Uganda, you will need to specify which park (Bwindi or Mgahinga) you would like to visit. Before your tracking, UWA staff will guide you on which family you will be tracking, according to your fitness level and interests. Visit the Uganda Wildlife Authority office, Kira Road, Kampala or call +256 (0)414 355 409/410

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